Direct Response Technologies

Direct Response Technologies focused on affiliate tracking, keyword bid management, and other online marketing related tools. Jason focused on Direct Response from 2002 until 2006 when it was sold to Digital River (NASDAQ: DRIV). His flagship product ‘DirectTrack’ was tracking and delivering over 12 billion images/clicks per month.

Jambo Media

In 2008, Jason invested in a video advertising platform called Jambo Media. In addition to investing, Jason also provided Jambo Media with his core technology group including the CTO and lead architect. Jambo Media was sold to Undertone in 2012.

GiftCards.com & OmniPrepaid

GiftCards.com, and its corporate sister site OmniCard were Jason's focus from 2008 until 2016, when they were sold to Blackhawk Network (NASDAQ: HAWK). GiftCards.comthe largest gift card website, sold roughly 10 million gift cards, and loaded close to $1 billion dollars in gift card value. Jason had roughly 100 employees, and the tag line was ‘Make ‘em Smile’.