Wolfe, LLC

Wolfe, LLC is an investor and incubator company with forward leaning employees and a culture of teamwork, drive, integrity and caring. We have built and sold some of Pittsburgh’s largest online companies; the first coupon business from 1995-2000, the first and largest affiliate tracking business from 2002-2006, the largest video ad network business from 2006-2010, and the largest online gift card business from 2008-2016. Today we are focused on Gift Card Granny, PerfectGift, GiftYa, Sentral, Compromised, and MyCoupons.

GiftYa, LLC

GiftYa is a gift credit service that allows users to send eGifts to one another using a mobile phone app or web interface. The recipient linked their eGift to their Visa or Mastercard which makes it impossible for the gift to ever be lost, stolen, or lose value. The idea of gift credits was first conceived in 2008 when two friends named Adam Ludwig and Patrick Ledbetter wanted to buy a beer for each other while sitting at a restaurant. They thought it would be cool if they could just credit each other the amount, so they could continue their tradition of giving a beer even if they weren’t in the same location together. Jason Wolfe learned of this idea while working on Wolfe’s patents with inventor and patent lawyer Tom Isaacson. They partnered with Ledbetter and Ludwig in 2010 to grow, patent, and expand the concept to what it is today. GiftYa has reinvented gifting and makes giving easier and better than ever before.

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Gift Card Granny

Gift Card Granny is an online discount gift card retailer and comparison site based near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The website allows consumers to search through numerous gift card websites and either purchase gift cards for a discounted price or sell them for below face value. The website contains over 100,000 gift cards from more than 1,000 different stores.


PerfectGift.com is fast becoming a leader in the $100+ Billion USA corporate gift card marketplace.  The company provides businesses with innovative open and closed-loop incentive and gifting solutions.  PerfectGift is the supplier of choice due to its unparalleled quality, reliability, value, and service.

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Recognizing the strong need for a means to enable Debit Network transactions for CLS, Sentral works with the Debit Networks to provide a single point of integration for CLS program providers, greatly accelerating the support of debit cards in CLS while creating many efficiencies in the technical and operational support of both the Debit Networks and the Program Managers. Publishers and third parties will integrate with Sentral one time and gain access to all debit networks, limiting the investment and time frame commitment for debit networks to get to market. Our solution provides an efficient process for setting standards, common certification requirements, industry problem solving, and more.

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Payouts Network

Wolfe, LLC has strategically partnered with Payouts Network to eliminate the need for businesses to disperse cash, gift cards, checks, vouchers or ACH transfers to deliver funds instantly to customers
and employees. Payouts Network leading and proprietary technology ensures funds are delivered
both quickly and safely. Payouts Network resolves issues immediately by providing in-the-moment compensation, increasing customer satisfaction and eliminating the back-office routines required to document and reconcile claims.



Forever provides a permanent place for families to preserve and share their stories, values, and traditions, and pass those memories down to future generations. Thois powerful platform of easy-
to-use products and services – including mobile and desktop applications, photo editing suites, print shops, scrapbook applications, conversion services, Forever Storage, and more – is designed to work together to enhance one's ability to easily and efficiently manage and protect their content. 

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Wolfe, LLC has strategically invested in Goalee to reveal the transformative connection between employee engagement and performance. Goalee is the all-in-one solution for keeping employees aligned, motivated and performing at their best. Goalee merges performance management with employee engagement. It’s software for building happy teams that deliver results.

MyCoupons, LLC

As the first coupon site on the internet, MyCoupons finds the best coupons, coupon codes and discounts from across the web and collects them all in one place.