Best of American Entrepreneur Radio with Gus Envela Jr., Jason Wolfe, Jeff Clavier

When Gustavo Envela Jr’s family escaped the political tumult of Equatorial Guinea for Salem, Oregon in 1970, it was thought that they would so so without looking back, especially as Gus became a standout track star in high school, at Stanford University, and in the Olympics, as the first ever competitor from his native land in any sport. But once he graduated from Stanford, he sought a higher purpose, returning home to run for president in order to establish the freedoms the Envela’s had enjoyed in America, and to unseat the dictatorship that had been in place. Now living in Western Pennsylvania, Gustavo joins The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, in studio to discuss his incredible story, his quest to restore democracy throughout the globe, and the sense of purpose that has guided him along the way. The American Entrepreneur, Ron Morris, welcomes one of the foremost tech venture capitalists in the country, Jeff Clavier of SoftTech VC, who discusses the hottest VC trends he sees in Silicon Valley, and what prospective portfolio companies need to do to prove their worth to Jeff and other VC’s of his ilk. And Ron profiles the remarkable story of Jason Wolfe, one of the pioneers in the online coupon and gift card industry. Jason discusses his upbringing as an orphaned teen in the Milton Hershey School, the accident that changed his life, and the significant success he has enjoyed as one of the first tech entrepreneurs to explore the potential of distributing coupons and gift cards via the internet.